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Path to Growth? 140,000 jobs cut in seven years raises questions about what actually grew

If the new round of job cuts in Europe are forced through, then Unilever's global workforce will number about 160,000. At the start of the company's Path to Growth Strategy in 2000 there were 300,000 workers employed by Unilever worldwide. So if jobs were cut by 47% in seven years, where was the growth?

Unilever Brands - famous but are they real or hybrid?

Unilever the home of such major trusted global brands as Magnum, Liptons, Hellmann's, Flora, Knorr, Ben & Jerry's etc..... increasingly allows those trusted brands to be manufactured by workers and management who are not permanent Unilever employees or even not in Unilever factories. We call this the "The vanishing Unilever worker".

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The vanishing Unilever worker

Unions Mobilize Internationally Against Global Job Destruction at Unilever

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch TNC is hardly a household word. Yet the company's 400 brands make it the third largest global food company, (behind Nestlé and Kraft). But look for Unilever by name on supermarket shelves and you'll come up empty. However, Hellmann's mayonnaise, Becel, Flora, Blue Band and Rama, spreads and margarine, Ben & Jerry's, Heartbrand, Cornetto, Carte D'or and Magnum ice creams, Knorr soups, Slim-Fast diet products, Lipton and Brooke Bond teas are major brands.

Unilever Pakistan Calls on Paramilitary & Police as Union Resists Outsourcing

Elite Force paramilitary troops and police have been deployed at the Unilever factory in Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan, as the union protests against management's attempts to transfer machinery to an outsourced production site.

At 20 minutes past midnight on 17 September managers attempted to transport machinery out of the Unilever factory to the nearby Asad soap factory, a third-party subcontractor which already produces some LUX soap products for Unilever.

Rising Sales, Profits at Unilever Spur Shareholder Value 'Shakeup' - 20,000 Jobs to be Slashed

Spurred by rising sales and a 16% increase in second quarter profits, Unilever chief Patrick Cescau yesterday announced a coming "shakeup" to deliver even greater "shareholder value". The company plans to eliminate 20,000 jobs - 11% of its global workerforce - over the next 4 years, and the cuts will be centered on Europe.

Combating Hunger or Destroying Jobs? Unilever, Blue Band®, and the World Food Programme

The United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP), according to an official news release of August 27, has launched " a joint venture with the employees of industrial giant Unilever, who will donate a percentage of their pay to help combat child hunger in Pakistan." The announcement, which goes on to state that "some 600 Unilever staff" have made a financial commitment to the programme, raises some intriguing questions. The main one being who actually works for Unilever in Pakistan? Easy? Not really. And here's why......

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